Lanka Safaris

Export of Hunting Trophies

Once your Safari has come to an end all your trophies will go through the first process of cleaning with Lanka Safaris then they will be transported to a Company just outside of Grahamstown called Lauriston Taxidermy (This cost is included in your safaris).

Lauriston Taxidermy will prepare all your trophies for export, according to regulations of both South Africa and the Country of Destination.  They also apply for all the export permits of your trophies.  This cost is not included in your safaris.

It is recommended that you pay for this service before departing South Africa to ensure there is no delay in the shipment of your trophies.  The cost of this will depend on the number of trophies you export. 

Upon completion of this process, Lauriston Taxidermy will send the crated trophies to another company for export, namely Logwin or Safari Air Cargo to name but a few. Once the trophies have reached their final destination you will be contacted by your import company in your country for payment and collection.

The time it takes for your trophies to reach their final destination depends on various factors.  Usually about 6 months.