Lanka Safaris

Suitable Rifle and Ammunition for South African Hunting

The subject of rifles, calibers, and ballistics, is a vast and comprehensive matter and each hunter has his own ideas and is used to his own rifle.

Without going into too much detail we concentrate on the rifle and bullets which are suitable for our type of hunting in our areas.  We recommend a rifle that shoots as flat as possible as we shoot up to a distance of 250 m. 

Please take into account that automatic and or semi-automatic rifles are no longer allowed to be brought into South Africa.

Recommended Rifle and Ammunition

300 WM 150 and 180 gr
270 150 gr
7x64 154 and 170 gr
30.06 165 gr
7 mm RM 160 and 170 gr
VSM 300 180 gr
338 210 gr (rather heavy)
375 200 gr

Please note that it is recommended that you consult your Gun Shop where you purchased your arms and ammunition.

Shooting Range

Shooting Range