Lanka Safaris

Hunting the Eastern Cape

Lanka Safaris hunt in the Eastern Cape close to the city of Grahamstown, with our hunting lodges situated in the heart of the Great Fish River Valley. The beautiful valley bushveld known for its thick Spekboom, Euphorbia’s, Cabbage Trees and rolling hills provides the best topography for walk and stalk hunting.

Most of our hunting takes place on our own properties which are an hour apart and provide a large diversity of species to choose from. It is however not uncommon for us to hunt on other surrounding properties in our search for trophy excellence and other exciting species as the Blue Duiker and Lynx.

We also highly recommend that our clients bring a good pair of binoculars to be able to partake in the search for the most elusive species that inhabit the thickets of the valley bushveld.

The Eastern Cape, South African climate usually experiences summer rainfall, from November to March, early-morning hunts and late afternoon can expect some rain. The Eastern Cape Province has very little precipitation in the winter.